Infrared Heating Systems for Industrial Processes

Most infrared heating installations fall into one of the following categories:

Drying or curing thin surface films, e.g. paint, lacquer, printing ink, adhesives.

Heating sheets or moving webs of material.

Removing surface water from objects or moisture absorbed in thin materials, e.g. fabrics, paper, chipboard.

Providing localised heating of large components or assemblies, e.g. damage repair on car bodies.

Heating conveyor belts loads of similar small parts or granular substances.

Heating items requiring a short intensive heat up period, e.g. soldering or pre-heating metal or plastic parts prior to shrink fitting.

There are many types of infrared heater modules used in industry, examples of which can be shown above.

We manufacture all of the above infrared systems in various forms to customer requirements - from basic infrared heater modules to closed loop pyrometer controlled systems.


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